A Debt Management Plan That Actually Works.

I was working in a Law firm which decided to end my employment when I got sick and was unable to be working from the office. I was advised by a few friends to start an online consultancy firm offering legal services. I put most of my savings in the startup and employed a three lawyers to help with the consultancy.

scarborough bankruptcy is seriois

I started struggling with finances since the profits from the business were not much. I was living in a rental apartment and I also had a car which I really valued. I had bought the car using my credit card which the company would make monthly deductions from my bank account. After a few months, my savings were depleted and they started making harassing calls and threats to collect the car.


A friend of mine recommended Hoyes Michalos and I visited their offices. Hoyes Michalos helped me with my debt problems and helped me get back on track. By offering a free consultation, they gave me an opportunity to get expert advice regarding their financial options. I really benefited from the two credit counseling sessions included in the bankruptcy process. I was able to begin my life debt free in just 9 months which was a relief. Visit Hoyes Michalos for bankruptcy Scarborough if you are experiencing financial trouble, they can help you sort out your financial problems. They are debt settlement experts.

Here is a map to find them and their address:

Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc.
55 Town Centre Court, Suite 700
Scarborough, Ontario
(416) 290-5611

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