3 Greatest Places to Visit in Baton Rouge

3 Greatest Places to Visit in Baton Rouge

Got some plans on seeing Louisiana any time soon? Tour the well-known Baton Rouge and see the charm of this Mississippi River. Curious? Continue reading!

Here‘s the thing:

Louisiana is a culturally diverse southeastern state of the United States. Located in the middle of this nation is the capital city, Baton Rouge. This place offers many different great places to visit for both locals and tourists. There are even a bunch of local restaurants that showcase the diversity in this place that you can see here. So if you’re in Louisiana and are trying to start looking for somewhere to tour, stop by Baton Rouge.

However, if you make the decision to go to Baton Rouge, then you may not have any idea which particular places to see. That is why we are still here. We recorded the best places to see from Baton Rouge to help you out. Now, without further ado, let us get to it!

The Greatest Places to Visit in Baton Rouge

1. Old State Capitol

If you’re into seeing Gothic-Revival castles, the Old State Capitol is the place to go. This glorious castle, now a museum, is sitting on top of this hill where you find the Mississippi River. The Old State Capitol showcases the political background of Baton Rouge including The Governors’ Portrait Gallery and Baton Rouge and the Civil War.

What’s more, this place also is used by locals as an event venue during special occasions. Therefore, a lot of people rent out the Old State Capitol as a wedding site.

2. Baton Rouge Zoo

Are you into outdoor activities? Then you would love the pleasure you may encounter in Baton Rouge Zoo.

Baton Rouge Zoo is where you are able to interact and socialize with animals in their natural habitat. There are otters, big cats, rhinos, reptiles, and amphibians here that you can find in their L’aquarium de Louisiane. Furthermore, tropical birds such as macaws are also within their Parrot Paradise.

To top it off:

There’s a KidsZoo in here in which you can take your children should they enjoy interacting with farm animals rather than wild ones. Barn animals like cows, horses, horses, and rabbits can be found here. Also, there is a playground installed in this place where children can play with their buddies.

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3. Louisiana Arts & Science Museum

Louisiana Arts & Science Museum also referred to as LASM, is located in a railway station close to the banks of the Mississippi River.

This area showcases fine arts and interactive galleries marketed towards kids. They left the museum in this way specifically since they wish to encourage kids to learn about science and arts while having fun. As such, there is The Irene W. Pennington Planetarium where you can watch sky shows and movies. Additionally, there are hands-on galleries here that kids can go to explore distance, play educational games, and create art projects.

However, there’s more!

Aside from those we mentioned, there are even interactive performances that are performed here. Moreover, if you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday, then renting out their celebration venue is possible. They offer birthday party packages that have enjoyable learning activities. So, if you are interested in finding things to do in Baton Rouge with children, consider going to this place.

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